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The main mission of Awake Hope is to shine a light in the growing darkness of numbness, discouragement, and despair.

We do this by telling true stories of our own pain, heartache, struggle, and challenges.

We show how Jesus and His life-giving truth and love carries us through these hard times.

We pray as you read these true stories, your heart will be sparked with hope that you can get through whatever pain or challenge you are living with today.

The Survival Suitcase for Life series tells about simple everyday practices and wisdom to help all of us survive as food prices and fears rise. However, the series is firmly grafted into the same trunk of belief that Jesus is the answer the world needs today. As long as He’s our ultimate guide through this new, encroaching wilderness, we can be at peace and trust we’ll get through and find our way.

Photography by Micah Strutzenberger 2022.

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